Raab Studios utilizes a customized curriculum that incorporates traditional training rules from the Major Violin Schools of the French Belgian, German and Russian traditions of violin playing. Standard textbooks such as Suzuki's earlier books, Auer's method, ABRSM and Starer as well as the traditional books of violin technique such as Schradieck, Sitt, Wolfhart, Kreutzer, Ysaye and so on are used in the most appropriate way possible.

We believe music is a natural and necessary part of people's lives.

We believe violin learning is one of the best tools for character development.

Learning to play the violin is a constant pursuit of beauty through the development of the ability to listen, have discipline, persevere and create.


All students are encouraged to perform. This is an essential aspect of our craft that needs to be practiced regularly. With 2 recitals every quarter, monthly performance classes, and other opportunities outside of our studio, our students excel in mastering their nerves and expressing to their fullest.


The signature program of Alexander Raab Violin Studios is the personal nurturing of the student through private lessons. Starting with weekly intervals, more frequent meetings can also be arranged to intensify the musical growth of the student.


Group classes are offered in supplementary subjects such as theory and specific techniques. Group settings for beginners to accelerate familiarity with the instrument with friendly support and advanced players can use the group classes as practice sessions for major performances.


Name: Alexander Raab

Address: Serving all of Denver
Contact No: 303-715-8024
Email: alexraabviolin@gmail.com

Alexander Raab is the single most successful teacher in Colorado for developing raw talent into top level violinists and genuine lovers of music. While maintaining a full studio since 2004, Alexander Raab has been the one of the few teachers in the region to take on young beginners and nurture them to grow into both high level performers while also appreciating the beauty and excitement of art. In a classical world where there is a clear divide between teachers who can only teach beginners and teachers who can only coach advanced, developed players, he has become a unique oasis for students of all levels to come and grow with confidence towards their individual goals.

Alexander, a graduate of the Lamont School of Music, has intensively studied with Eugenia Alikhanova, Linda Wang and the legendary Aaron Rosand. Being a native Denverite, he has clear knowledge of how to grow within the opportunities of the region while being able to pull on the quality, diversity and opportunities of the East Coast and particularly New York.

In terms of teaching style, it is best to have a free chat in person, but he is a firm believer in the development of character and personal responsibility through the process of doling out achievable goals for the student. While providing a step by step process, Alexander encourages students to push themselves with a rare focus on the value of risk. Often pedagogues and parents alike fear anything that is not perfectly laid out, step by step. But it is crucial in anyone's development to discover the the power of self-study within the wise guiding lines of a mentor.

Name: John Shim

Address: 11000 E Yale Ave, Suite 135, Aurora, CO 80014
Contact No: 541-609-8648 (texting preferred)
Email: johnsviolinstudio@gmail.com

John Shim is a violinist in love with the instrument and sharing his knowledge with his students.

John maintains a full studio with the dream of being and ever becoming a truly great teacher and guide for each of his students. A former student of Aaron Rosand and a graduate of Mannes and Juilliard, he is bent on providing the finest instruction and guidance for his students in the most personalized and customized way possible.

Perhaps John's greatest strength is his attitude and understanding of the importance of violin education in terms of pure development and as an extra curricular activity for many precocious students. While achieving beauty is the true meaning and end of violin learning, the practical aspect of becoming good enough to have a decent record of achievements and being good enough to enjoy playing are very important in development. Having personal experience in the issue and a great awareness of the reality of modern day school systems enables John to guide each student towards true success -- the achievement of one's own dream.


Some of the accomplishments of the Studio include:

MTNA State 1st Place

MTNA Regionals Honorable Mention

Rising Stars 1st place

All State

Western States

Aspen Music Festival

Red Rocks Performance

Carnegie Hall Performance

Juilliard PreCollege

DYAO Top Orchestra


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